Pr Jean-Luc Cadoré

DVM PhD, VetAgro Sup

Jean-Luc Cadoré is a Veterinarian, graduated from Lyon Vet School in 1981. He is Professor in equine, canine and feline Internal Medicine at the Lyon Vet School, and diplomate of the European Internal Medicine College.

He started to work on lentivirus in the mid-1980s, expecially on experimental induction of  lung diseases. He is actually involved in the EIAV program, mainly on the molecular epidemiology and on EIAV-associated lung diseases in horses.

Actively involved in the Vet community, Jean-Luc Cadoré is a member of the French Veterinary Academy, of the scientific ouncil of IFCE, ENALEES, responsible for the implementation of the health charter for the equine workforce of INRA, co-animator of the Equine Industry Group from INRA, member of the board and of the scientific and technical council of RESPE (epidemiological surveillance network in equine pathology) and member of the ANSES Committee on Medicine, anf former scientific director of the Hippolia Scientific Cooperation Foundation.

He is a member of the ethical committee of VetAgro Sup and of the Animal Experimentation Commission of Lyon 1 University, president of the organization and training committee for osteopathic veterinary trainings, specialization diploma in  internal medicine of pets and equine pathology, and in charge of of the group of internal medicine teachers for the four French veterinary campuses.

At the same time, he is in charge of an ongoing research project on fungal infections of guttural pouches and has validated an experimental model. He has described the first phenotypic and genotypic description of multiple ocular abnormalities in  "Comtois" horses, a breed susceptible to this peculiar clinical manifestattion and is currently developing an eradication program with the "Comptois horse" association.

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