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Infectious diseases are a major threat for human and animal health. In farms, viral infections are responsible for morbidity and mortality with a major economic impact. Among viruses, retroviruses discovered at the beginning of the 20th century are responsible for diseases in humans with HIV and HTLV, and in livestock with SRLV (Small Ruminant Lentivirus) and oncogenic β-retroviruses in small ruminants or EIAV (Equine Infectious Anemia Virus) in equids. Often neglected or poorly known, these viruses and the induced diseases have major implications on farm management, animal movement or productivity.

In this context, and with its recognized expertise on retroviral diseases, the PR2T team (Pathogenesis, Retrovirus, Rare Tumors) is working on oncogenic β-retrovirus (Monot et al., 2015) and the induced-cancers in small ruminants and on EIAV (Cook et al. 2013) in equines.

Our team is also developing research projects on rare thoracic tumors in humans such as thymomas, lymphangioleiomyomatosis (Chebib et al., 2016) and predominantly lepidic pulmonary adenocarcinoma (Lutringer et al., 2012Mornex et al., 2004).

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