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Publications since the creation of the team

2024. Uckeley ZM, Duboeuf M, Gu Y, Erny A, Mazelier M, Lüchtenborg C, Winter SL, Schad P, Mathieu C, Koch J, Boulant S, Chlanda P, Maisse C, Brügger B, Lozach PY. Glucosylceramide in bunyavirus particles is essential for virus binding to host cells. Cell Mol Life Sci, 81(1):71

2023. Goellner S, Enkavi G, Prasad V, Denolly S, Eu S, Mizzon G, Witte L, Kulig W, Uckeley ZM, Lavacca TM, Haselmann U, Lozach PY, Brügger B, Vattulainen I, and Bartenschlager R. Zika virus prM protein contains cholesterol-binding motifs required for virus entry and assembly. Nat Com, 14(1):7344

2023. Gondelaud F., Lozach PY, and Longhi S. Viral amyloids: New opportunities for antiviral therapeutic strategies. Curr Opin Struct Biol, 83:102706

2023. Gu Y and Lozach PY. Illuminating bunyavirus entry into host cells with fluorescence. Mol Microbiol, in press

2023. Koch J, Xin Q, Obr M, Schäfer A, Rolfs N, Anagho HA, Kudulyte A, Woltereck L, Kummer S, Campos J, Uckeley ZM, Bell-Sakyi L, Kräusslich HG, Schur FKM, Acuna C, and Lozach PY. The phenuivirus Toscana virus makes an atypical use of vacuolar acidity to enter host cells. PLoS Pathog, 19(8):e1011562

2022. Koch J, Uckeley ZM, and Lozach PY. SARS-CoV-2 uses different entry routes to infect host cells. Med Sci, 38(5):419-22

2022. Windhaber S, Xin Q, Uckeley ZM, Koch J, Obr M, Garnier C, Luengo-Guyonnot C, Duboeuf M, Schur FKM, and Lozach PY. The orthobunyavirus Germiston enters host cells from late endosomes. J Virol, 96(5):e02146-21

2021. Koch J†, Uckeley ZM†, and Lozach PY. SARS-CoV-2 variants as super cell fusers: Cause or consequence of COVID-19 severity? EMBO J, e110041.

2021. Peng K and Lozach PY. Rift Valley fever virus: a new avenue of research on the biological functions of amyloids? Future Virology, 16(10):677-89.

2021. Sun Y, Manceau A, Frydman L, Cappuccio L, Neves D, Basso V, Wang H, Fombonne J, Maisse C, Mehlen P, and Paradisi A. Δ40p53 isoform up-regulates netrin-1/UNC5B expression and potentiates netrin-1 pro-oncogenic activity. PNAS, 118(36):e2103319118.

2021. Koch J, Uckeley ZM, Doldan P, Stanifer M, Boulant S, and Lozach PY. TMPRSS2 expression dictates the entry route used by SARS-CoV-2 to infect host cells. Embo J, EMBO J 40(16):e107821.

2021. Archer F, Bobet-Erny A, and Gomes M. State of the art on lung organoids in mammals. Vet Res, 52(1):77.

2021. Windhaber S, Xin Q, and Lozach PY. Orthobunyaviruses: From Virus Binding to Penetration into Mammalian Host Cells. Viruses, 13(5):872

2021. Léger P and Lozach PY. Rift Valley fever virus and the amazing NSs protein. Med Sci, 37:601-8.

2021. Koch J, Xin Q, Tischler ND, and Lozach PY. Entry of phenuiviruses into mammalian host cells. Viruses, 13(2):299.

2020. Cappuccio L and Maisse C. “Infection of Mammals and Mosquitoes by Alphaviruses: Involvement of Cell Death”. Cells, 9(12):2612.

2020. Lozach PY “Cell Biology of Viral Infections”. Cells, 9(11):2431.

2020. Léger P, Nachman E, Richter K, Tamietti C, Koch J, Burk R, Kummer S, Xin Q, Stanifer M, Bouloy M, Boulant S, Kräusslich HG, Montagutelli X, Flamand M, Nussbaum-Krammer C, and Lozach PY. “NSs amyloid formation is associated with the virulence of Rift Valley fever virus in mice”. Nat Com, 11(1):3281.

2020. Woelfl F, Léger P, Oreshkova N, Pahmeier F, Windhaber S, Koch J, Stanifer M, Roman Sosa G, Uckeley ZM, Rey FA, Boulant S, Kortekaas J, Wichgers Schreur PJ, and Lozach PY. “Novel Toscana virus reverse genetics system establishes NSs as an antagonist of type I interferon responses”. Viruses, 12(4):400.

2020. Desbrousses C, Archer F, Colin A, Bobet-Erny A, Champavère A, Gros E, Beurdeley P, Cruveiller S, Tardy F, Eloit M. “High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) of newly synthetized RNAs enables one shot detection and identification of live mycoplasmas and differentiation from inert nucleic acids”. Biologicals, 65:18-24.

2020. Li S, Li H, Zhang YL, Xin Q, Guan ZQ, Chen X, Zhang XA, Li XK, Xiao GF, Lozach PY, Cui J, Liu W, Zhang LK, and Peng K. “SFTSV infection induces BAK/BAX-dependent mitochondrial DNA release to trigger NLRP3 inflammasome activation”. Cell Rep, 30:4370-85.

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