Pr Jean-François Mornex, PU-PH Pneumologie Hospices Civils de Lyon, Université Lyon 1,

Chef du service de Pneumologie Hospices Civils de Lyon, Bron


Jean-François Mornex is MD PHD, Professor of respiratory medicine (Lyon 1 University, Hospices civils de Lyon), member of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon, and head of the respiratory medicine department of the Louis Pradel Hospital, Lyon (Centre hospitalier Lyon Est Hospices Civils de Lyon).
Medical Doctor and PhD in Human Biology, Pr Mornex has been trained in Immunology and Molecular Biology. He has worked and published on lung disease such as sarcoidosis or emphysema as well as on mechanisms of infection and diseases induced by retroviruses.
He has been vice-president in charge of doctoral studies and vice-president of the scientific council of the Lyon 1 University.
He had created and directed the joined research unit UMR754 INRA, University Lyon 1, Vetagrosup, EPHE "Retrovirus and Comparative Pathology" up to 2015.
Pr JF Mornex is scientific referent for the Lyon 1 University, head of the "heart, lung, metabolism, hormones" medical platform (Groupement hospitalier Est, HCL, Lyon) and head of the competence center for pulmonary hypertension.
He is commander in the order of "Palmes Académiques" and knight in the order of "Mérite Agricole".


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