Dr Jocelyn Turpin

Dr Jocelyn Turpin, CR INRAE


I have a master degree in fundamental virology from the Pasteur Institute in Paris. In 2014 I completed my PhD in the group of Pr Renaud Mahieux at the ENS de Lyon/CIRI where I worked on the characterization of auxiliary proteins encoded by complex retroviruses and their zoonotic transmission.

I then joined the group of Pr Charles Bangham  at Imperial College London (UK) to study the factors regulating the human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus type 1 latency and clonality. The Bangham group is a pioneer in the study of retroviral integration by ligation-mediated PCR (LM-PCR) amplification and next-generation sequencing (NGS) which enabled me to investigate the impact of co-infection in the clonal expansion of primate T-lymphotropic viruses. In addition, I applied single cell technologies to study the regulation of retroviral latency. In 2019, I obtained a 6 months’ JSPS fellowship to visit Pr Yorifoumi Satou at Kumamoto University (Japan) for a collaboration, to characterize the retroviral reservoir at the single cell level.

 I joined the IVPC and the Pathogenesis, Retrovirus, Rare Thoracic Tumors’ team in May 2020. My current projects are focusing on cancer induced by retroviruses in sheep and goats. Retroviruses can spread either by de novo infection of cells or by mitotic replication of an infected cell. I am investigating how the balance between those two mechanisms impacts the malignant development in small ruminants.

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